Funded Projects

S.No. Funding Agency Title Period Amount Rs. (Lakhs) Status
1. “In Silico screening, theoretical calculation and in vitro studies for development of potential HIV1-PR inhibitors ” 2016-19 19.51 On-going
2. “Identification of novel drug targets of Leishmania donovani:
Studies on CAAX prenyl protease I and II of the pathogen”
2014-17 73.69 On-going
3. “QM/MM Partial charges, Binding pocket contours
analysis and FEP calculation for designing potent inhibitors
of HTLV-Protease : A De novo drug design Approach”
2012-15 16.02 Completed
4. “Computational Screening of CDK2 Inhibitors by
Combined approach of Pharmacophoric study,
Quantum Polarized Ligand Docking and Molecular
Dynamics Simulation analysis”
2011-14 18.95 Completed
5. “Shape and chemical feature based 3D- Pharmacophore
Model generation, Virtual Screening and MESP studies
to identify Potential Leads for Antifungal Azoles”
2011-14 7.48 Completed
6. “Pharmacophoric analysis and designing of ATP
competitive CDK 4 inhibitors”
2010-12 4 .00 Completed